Posted by: Lara Harrigan | May 5, 2012


On the 30th April, Samhain, I had a bad fall. I think perhaps the Gods were trying to tell me something, but if they were I haven’t quite worked out what the message is yet. Being forceably slowed down I have had plenty of time to think, but mainly I have thought about all the things that need doing and which I cannot do at the moment rather than look for any deeper meanings.

I got a badly sprained left ankle, swollen right wrist and twisted sore back as a result of the fall which happened in the city and then I had to drive around 80 kms home afterwards. Since then I have only been able to get around by using a walker. As anyone who has hurt their backs could probably tell you, using the toilet is a painful exercise, but worst are showering, drying myself and then getting dressed. These are slow, tedious and painful tasks to perform.

When my mother lived with me I would get so impatient with her because she was slow with her walker and it took forever to get anywhere. I now have a lot more sympathy with her and understand how, at her age and infirmity she was unable to do any better and regret my impatience. My injuries will heal in time, but the adversities faced with age don’t heal, they get worse and those suffering from them just have to deal with it and live life the best way they can.

I was using a heat pack on my back constantly and it was doing very well until the real boss of the house discovered it. My beautiful old friend is 16 years old and she obviously felt a need to use it as well. She is also slowing down considerably as she gets older, but there are still times when she wants to play. The games don’t last as long as when she was a kitten but she still gets pleasure from them. I certainly didn’t mind her borrowing my heat pack if it eased her aches a little.

Blessed Be!


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