Posted by: Lara Harrigan | August 7, 2012

Doctors & frustration with health system

Even after working for doctors for most of my working life I still find the medical profession very frustrating.

I had a fall recently and was in considerable pain. I also needed some repeat scripts and referrals which were needed asap.  I rang my surgery but couldn’t get in to see my doctor for three weeks. OK then, I decided to take the appointment even though it was cutting it a little fine for one of the repeat scripts.

My appt was for this Thursday but I received a phone call from the surgery early this morning to tell me the doctor would be unavailable on Thursday and I would have to make another appointment! She offered me one in another week. I explained I needed the script at least and was told if I came down straight away, he could see me – well I hadn’t even showered and since the fall it takes me even longer to shower and dress so that was no good. She said perhaps this afternoon but I have a class to teach which I had put off and rearranged because of my fall, so then she suggested tomorrow but I wont be in town at all tomorrow. I asked if he, the doctor, could leave the script for me and was told I would have to see another doctor which would mean they could rip off medicare for two visits as another doctor couldn’t do the other things needed as he didn’t know me.

I am now waiting for a phone call to see if my doctor WILL leave me  a script or what will be the outcome.

Doctors make appts at usually 10 minute intervals and I have yet to see a doctor ever keep to a 10 minute appt. Therefore they are always running late for appointments and we are expected to wait.

What makes their time more important than ours??

The medical profession and health system need an urgent overhaul. Get more nurses, doctors, hospital beds etc and stop the ramping at public hospitals and the waiting times to see doctors (talking GPs here!).

That is my rant for today – I am sure I am not the only person who is fed up with the health system the way it is.


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