Posted by: Lara Harrigan | October 9, 2012

R.I.P. Little Bit

My Best Friend

Little Bit

May 1996 – 8th October 2012

The past week has been an absolute nightmare, since LB decided she would no longer eat. For several days she still drank water – not as much as usual but at least she was drinking.

When the sun was shining she would go outside and sit or lie in the sun, but mostly she just curled up in her bed and slept. At night she wanted to be on my knee and then in bed with me. She became very thin and when she wasn’t sleeping she desperately wanted to be with me. When her back legs no longer worked properly she would drag herselfl and cry out for me. Over the weekend her condition deteriorated. I hoped she would pass naturally as she had had a bad experience with vets and was always terrified of going to them. I felt that to take her there was the final betrayal. Unfortunately her will to live kept her still alive and today I have had to  make that decision to take her to the vet. It breaks my heart. She has been my faithful friend for 16.5 years, since being hand reared from when she was only a 2-3 weeks old tiny kitten and I rescued her.

My dear friend Clare happened to call in a few minutes before I was to take Little Bit to the vet, so she came with me for which I was truly thankful. I couldn’t stop crying and needed her support. I didn’t want to be alone.

At4.55 pm LB crossed over peacefully. It was so hard to leave her there but she will be cremated and then will come home to me.

I miss her. After so many years of loving companionship, my pretty girl has gone.

Rest inPeace little girl, xxxxx



  1. I am so so sorry Mum, she will be missed by us all. She was the funniest little thing, many quirks and such a large personality. I know how hard it is and nothing takes away the pain, but as she crosses the Rainbow Bridge she will always be with you. Her time with you will never be forgotten and her influence over your life will forever be in your heart.
    RIP Little Bit, you will be missed and always loved, sleep with the Goddess now in peace. xxx

    • Missing my little familiar terribly – but she is now at peace with the Goddess xxx

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