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Witchery, Magic and Cats

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I am alone………….

After my beautiful friend crossed the Rainbow Bridge the other day, I realised that for the first time I am truly alone. With all the other partings, be it divorce, relationship breakups, the deaths of my parents and  my brother as well as all the animal friends I have lost, there was always someone or another animal friend to help me through. Little Bit was with me for 16 and a half years and for most of that there was only ever the two of us.

When my handsome Taffy (Sanderlea Aby Taffari – an Abyssinian male cat) passed on after almost 15 years, I had other animals to help and comfort me. Also I went into hospital the next day for major neurosurgery and was out of it for 10 days with several months recovery. Taffy was very family oriented and loved and protected all the babies that came into the family. I didn’t think I would ever find another animal friend like him, but Little Bit stole my heart from the minute I began hand rearing her from 2-3 weeks of age.

Generally when an animal was getting on in years I would get another pet to keep them company and to aid in the transition when they were no longer with me. LB had a traumatic experience with a very large tomcat when she was young and after that she hated and feared other cats, so I didn’t get another kitten because I didn’t want to upset her.

Being on my own and doing my own thing never bothered me, I was happy with my own company. But now I realise I was never alone. There was always an animal friend with me.

I guess I will eventually get another kitten but for now I am alone and grieving.

Posted by: Lara Harrigan | October 9, 2012

R.I.P. Little Bit

My Best Friend

Little Bit

May 1996 – 8th October 2012

The past week has been an absolute nightmare, since LB decided she would no longer eat. For several days she still drank water – not as much as usual but at least she was drinking.

When the sun was shining she would go outside and sit or lie in the sun, but mostly she just curled up in her bed and slept. At night she wanted to be on my knee and then in bed with me. She became very thin and when she wasn’t sleeping she desperately wanted to be with me. When her back legs no longer worked properly she would drag herselfl and cry out for me. Over the weekend her condition deteriorated. I hoped she would pass naturally as she had had a bad experience with vets and was always terrified of going to them. I felt that to take her there was the final betrayal. Unfortunately her will to live kept her still alive and today I have had to  make that decision to take her to the vet. It breaks my heart. She has been my faithful friend for 16.5 years, since being hand reared from when she was only a 2-3 weeks old tiny kitten and I rescued her.

My dear friend Clare happened to call in a few minutes before I was to take Little Bit to the vet, so she came with me for which I was truly thankful. I couldn’t stop crying and needed her support. I didn’t want to be alone.

At4.55 pm LB crossed over peacefully. It was so hard to leave her there but she will be cremated and then will come home to me.

I miss her. After so many years of loving companionship, my pretty girl has gone.

Rest inPeace little girl, xxxxx

Posted by: Lara Harrigan | August 14, 2012

Melbourne named world’s most liveable city

Melbourne named world’s most liveable city.

Posted by: Lara Harrigan | August 11, 2012

Teen loses parents, two siblings in crash

Teen loses parents, two siblings in crash.

how sad……..

Posted by: Lara Harrigan | August 11, 2012

Man cradles arthritic dog in water for relief

Man cradles arthritic dog in water for relief.

Posted by: Lara Harrigan | August 7, 2012

Doctors & frustration with health system

Even after working for doctors for most of my working life I still find the medical profession very frustrating.

I had a fall recently and was in considerable pain. I also needed some repeat scripts and referrals which were needed asap.  I rang my surgery but couldn’t get in to see my doctor for three weeks. OK then, I decided to take the appointment even though it was cutting it a little fine for one of the repeat scripts.

My appt was for this Thursday but I received a phone call from the surgery early this morning to tell me the doctor would be unavailable on Thursday and I would have to make another appointment! She offered me one in another week. I explained I needed the script at least and was told if I came down straight away, he could see me – well I hadn’t even showered and since the fall it takes me even longer to shower and dress so that was no good. She said perhaps this afternoon but I have a class to teach which I had put off and rearranged because of my fall, so then she suggested tomorrow but I wont be in town at all tomorrow. I asked if he, the doctor, could leave the script for me and was told I would have to see another doctor which would mean they could rip off medicare for two visits as another doctor couldn’t do the other things needed as he didn’t know me.

I am now waiting for a phone call to see if my doctor WILL leave me  a script or what will be the outcome.

Doctors make appts at usually 10 minute intervals and I have yet to see a doctor ever keep to a 10 minute appt. Therefore they are always running late for appointments and we are expected to wait.

What makes their time more important than ours??

The medical profession and health system need an urgent overhaul. Get more nurses, doctors, hospital beds etc and stop the ramping at public hospitals and the waiting times to see doctors (talking GPs here!).

That is my rant for today – I am sure I am not the only person who is fed up with the health system the way it is.

Posted by: Lara Harrigan | August 5, 2012

Online Card Reading | whoopons, daily deals from the WHOot

Online Card Reading | whoopons, daily deals from the WHOot.

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Posted by: Lara Harrigan | August 4, 2012

Caketails: Cocktail cupcakes

Caketails: Cocktail cupcakes.

My kind of cupcakes lol

Posted by: Lara Harrigan | July 16, 2012

Online Card Reading | whoopons, daily deals from the WHOot

Online Card Reading | whoopons, daily deals from the WHOot.

Hey everyone, this is a really fantastic deal!

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